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Elevate Everyday: Embracing "Main Character" Energy

How To Dress With Main Character Energy

What is main character energy? Well if you didn't know it's the idea behind romanticising your life - no matter how mundane the tasks - and turning each moment into a plot point for a movie starring - you! It's the ability to find the joy in the little things, like - going grocery shopping or waiting 9hrs to find out you actually can't get tickets to see Taylor Swift. 

Turn ordinary routines into cinematic-worthy scenes as you step into the limelight of your own story. At Order Of Style, we believe in empowering you to become the star of your life's narrative. These stunning outfits are inspired by iconic rom-com moments from the big screen. Like these iconic characters we invite you to seize every moment and bask in the glory of being the leading lady of your own life.

1. Unleash Your Diva

This look is inspired by one of Maralyn Monroes most stunning moments from the 1953 film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". A movie that is ultimately about 2 best friends going after exactly what they want in life and having a great time doing it. We've paired a hot pink dress with shining silver shoes to complete a simple yet eye catching look which will remind everyone that Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Main Character Energy - Outfit inspired by Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

R-L: Acler Newgate Midi Dress in Magenta Pink, IRO Liv Strappy Metallic Sandal High Heel in Silver


2. Scene Stealer

Forever living rent free in my head. "You don't understand! This is an Alaïa". If Cher Horowitz caught us anything - it's that a good outfit is to die for. For a look that's definitely not "ensembly challenged" we've put together a striking red dress with off the moment accessories that will have everyone wanting to steal your look.

Main Character Energy : Inspired by Clueless

R-L: Dylan Kain The Yohana Croc Bag in Silver / Black, Acler Stanmore One Shoulder Dress in Scarlet, IRO Guape Jacket in Black Leather, Senso Uxley Heel in Ebony

It's more than just a trend; it's a mindset—an embodiment of confidence and self-expression that transcends fashion. Channel that "main character" energy and infuse it into every aspect of your life, starting with your wardrobe. Discover a curated collection of exquisitely crafted designer fashion pieces that celebrate your individuality and elevate your style.

From chic cocktail dresses that mirror the grace of classic Hollywood beauties to edgy leather jackets that exude the rebellious spirit of modern heroines, our carefully selected range embraces diverse styles and personalities. At Order Of Style we empower you to curate looks that reflect your unique story, allowing you to feel fabulous and inspired every day.

3. Casual Charisma

We hope that this outfit gives the same level sartorial energy that Sally Albright gives off in the deli scene. Presenting a classic everyday outfit inspired by one of the all-time best rom-coms "When Harry Met Sally". Sally's style is east-coast cozy casual and we are living for it. 

Main Character Energy : Outfit Inspired by "When Harry Met Sally"

R-L: IRO Kate Chelsea Boot in Grey Suede, Samsoe and Samsoe Haven Oversized Blazer in Dark Brindle, Samsoe Samsoe Julia Crew Neck Knit Sweater in Silver Sage, Samsoe Samsoe Rebecca Jean in Black Dust


4. Rebel Girl

Driven by a desire to help change the lives of those around her the soft spoken Amelie builds a world for herself full of the wonder of possibility and human connection. She have a fantastical and sometimes mischievous personality, her style is rooted in practicality with the fabrications creating the whimsy. 

Dress Like Amelie Poulain and get Main Character Energy

R-L: Samsoe Samsoe Juni Cardigan in Pristine White, Samsoe Samsoe Agneta Satin Midi Skirt in Silver Sage, Sol Sana Nellie Boot in Black, IRO Oken Boucle Coat in Ecru

As you immerse yourself in the world of our women's designer fashion, you'll find the perfect ensemble for every occasion. Whether it's sipping coffee at a cozy café or attending a sophisticated soirée, we've got you covered with pieces that exude charm, elegance, and sophistication.

Our mission is to be your ultimate style companion, guiding you to discover fashion that ignites that "main character" spark within. With impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, each piece in our collection celebrates the art of self-expression and storytelling through fashion.

Embrace the journey of becoming the heroine of your life, and let us be your partner in crafting a wardrobe that tells your unique story. At, we're here to help you shine, inspiring confidence, style, and empowerment with every outfit you choose. 


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