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Finding the Perfect Pair: A Guide to Choosing the Right Leather Pants

How To Buy Leather Jeans - What To Look For

Leather pants, a staple that effortlessly blends edgy style with sophistication, have carved their niche in the fashion world. However, selecting the ideal pair that flatters your body and complements your wardrobe can sometimes feel tricky. Whether you're new to the world of leather pants or a seasoned enthusiast, here's our comprehensive guide to help you find the perfect fit and style.

Prioritise Fit for Comfort and Style

It all starts with the fit. Leather pants should embrace your body comfortably without being overly tight or loose. Pants that are too small will leave you uncomfortable, while overly large ones won't accentuate your curves, leading to a messy appearance. Embrace the second-skin feel; remember, leather stretches over time, so opt for a pair that's snug but not constricting.

 Order Of Style How To Style Leather Pants

L-R: IRO Juadie Bootie in Black LeatherSamsoe Samsoe Helene Ribbed Tank in WhiteB-Low The Belt Dakota Belt in BlackMother Denim The High Waisted Rider Ankle Pants in Wax On Wax Off IRO Annika Over Shirt in White SilverDylan Kain Everyday Phone Bag in Black Light Gold

Less is More: Styling Leather Pants

Leather pants can single-handedly elevate your outfit, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Keep the rest of your look simple and classic, allowing the pants to take centre stage. Starting with a classic style, such as black leather leggings, provides an easy way to incorporate leather into your ensemble. As you become more confident, consider exploring more adventurous styles like slouchy leather boyfriend jeans.

How To Buy Leather Jeans & What To Style Them With

L-R:   Mother Denim The Sleepover Shirt in Kissing The CowboyIRO Croft T-Shirt in WhiteDylan Kain The Margot Croc Bag in Silver / BlackPaige Hoxton Stretch Leather Pant in BlackPhilippe Model PRSX Low Sneaker in Leo Blanc Brun

Invest in Quality

When it comes to leather, quality is non-negotiable. While tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, investing in well-crafted leather ensures both durability and a polished appearance. We offer a selection of premium leather pants from some of the world's best jean brands including Paige, Frame Denim and J Brand. Shop our assortment here.

How To Style Your Leather Pants - Order Of Style Fashion Blog

Size and Stretch

A key consideration when purchasing leather pants is the material's tendency to stretch over time. Be mindful of this while selecting your size. A snug fit is ideal; however, refrain from sizing down. Give priority to a pair that accommodates your body comfortably and allows for subtle stretching without compromising the silhouette.

A Guide To Buying Leather Jeans; What to look for and consider

L-R: Samsoe Samsoe Ramona Vest in Silver SageFrame Denim Lace Mix Cami in NoirB-Low The Belt Taos Mini Belt in Black, Paige Nellie Culotte Leather Pants in BlackDylan Kain The Yohana Croc Bag in Silver / BlackIRO Alio Chain Strap Heel in Black Suede


In essence, choosing the right pair of leather pants is a balance between size, style, and material quality. Prioritise comfort and fit, while opting for high-quality leather that suits your personal style. Whether you're dressing up a casual tee or going for a more daring look, leather pants are a timeless investment that promises to add an edge of elegance to your wardrobe.