Mixing prints and patterns is certainly the most fun way of adding some instant chic to your everyday look. While it may seem daunting to do there are some helpful guidelines to follow so you don’t make a fashion foul.

  1. Consider your stripped, check and leopard prints as a basic – these are commonly seen prints and almost everyone has a few in their wardrobe. These “basics” can be paired back with a more graphic print, a floral or geometric without too much risk. If you’re still not feeling confident you can break up your look with a few solid pieces.
  2. If you’re going to repeat or mix the same pattern or texture, do so in small doses: a leather miniskirt and a leather clutch; a polka-dot skirt and a spotted scarf.
  3. Keep it subtle by matching colors: wear a printed skirt, and match your shoe color to one of the colors in that pattern.
  4. When selecting which pieces to wear remember to keep your prints in the same color family, or match your prints based on a shared color.
  5. Don’t let your prints compete for attention: have one smaller and more understated pattern matched back with one larger more bold design. A good rule of thumb is to have only two different patterns per outfit.

And always remember when in doubt you can’t go wrong with mixing black and white patterns. It’s always a classic look!