Style At Home with Order Of Style is a revolutionary new way to enjoy the boutique experience of shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home. We have worked hard to put together an offer for our fellow Victorians' so that you can have a great shopping experience while at home.

How it works:

1. Complete the form on this page and we will get in contact to provide your unique Style At Home coupon code.

2. Create your cart with up to 5 items and use the code to check out. The coupon authorises you to check out with a 25% deposit* on the products selected.

3. We ship your order and you can enjoy trying on your items in the comfort of your own home! You only pay for the items that you are keeping. 

4. Once your products arrive you will have three (3) business days to try them on before any items you do not want to keep need to be sent back to us. For example, if the items are received on a Monday, they will need to be sent back on Thursday. We will include a prepaid return shipping label for you to affix to your parcel.

5. Repack any unwanted items, complete the purchase and returns form and affix the pre-paid label to your parcel. Drop into your local Post Office or red Australia Post box in your neighbourhood.

*The 25% deposit is used to fulfil your balance payment once you have confirmed your selections. It is calculated based on the original RRP not the sale price. Any payment owing that is not covered by the 25% deposit will be charged to your nominated credit card and if the item/s value in total is below the deposit you have paid, you will be refunded the difference. If you choose to return all the items, it will be refunded to you less a $40 shipping and handling fee. You will only be charged the listed price for any items you have selected once you have made your final selections.

*Please note that this service is available to exclusively to Victorians. If you don't live in Victoria and would like to see this service expanded to your area please send us and email [email protected] with a request.

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For more detailed information regarding the Style At Home Service please see below.

● Payment: Once we have received your Credit Card Authorisation we will run a test payment on the card of between $2-$5 AUD to ensure the credit card is valid. The money (test payment) will be refunded to you within 3-5 business days.

● Try-on period: Once items are delivered to you, you will have 3 business days from the day of receipt  to try on the clothes in the luxury of your home before they will need to be shipped back if you choose not to keep them.

● Deadline:  You'll be charged for any items you keep for longer than the 3 business day try on period time described above.

● Condition of Return: Try on the clothing as you would in a fitting room. Do not remove the tags and do not return items that you have worn outside the house as you will be charged full cost for them.

● Method of Return: Follow the instructions that come with your delivery to ensure you return unwanted items with the proper carrier.